Characteristics of VREMT Home Energy Storage Products

Talk about sustainable energy, and VREMT emerges as a striking manufacturer, bringing the latest solutions to the table. It is your gateway to explore the unparalleled professionalism the company boasts.

With a diverse line of products, VREMT ensures the supply and provision of products per the latest criteria. These have been created after extensive research using high-end technology. So, let’s dive deeper and explore the characteristics of VREMT’s products that render them a name in the market. For more information, visit:

Products Range Offered by VREMT

As said earlier, VREMT flaunts a diverse line of products, which includes the following:

  • Pack System
  • Electric Drive System
  • Charging System
  • Energy Storage System

Let’s see what features these products offer.

Top 3 Characteristics of VREMT Energy Storage Products

Safe and Stable

Safety and stability are non-negotiables in the field of home energy storage.VREMT’s products stand out for their exceptional performance in these domains. The WPC series platform products boast technical characteristics ranging from 7 to 22 kW, ensuring a stable and secure energy storage solution. The intelligent load scheduling and easy installation design further enhance the user experience.

The product’s safety features are robust, including overcurrent, overvoltage, and lightning protection. With a protection level of IP55 and an anti-collision class of IK10, the company ensures that its products endure harsh conditions, with a working temperature range from -30 °C to 60°C.

Moreover, the self-developed Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees intelligent charge and discharge management. It dynamically adjusts the current to ensure optimum safety during discharge.

High Adaptable and Compatible

VREMT’s home energy storage products exhibit a high degree of adaptability and compatibility with various environments. The innovative waterproof port design achieves an impressive IP55 PACK protection level. It thus shields the system from the adverse effects of water and dust. The printed circuit board (PCB) is coated with a 150 μm three-proofing paint, preventing condensation and ensuring safe operation.

This product goes a step further by supporting multiple communication protocols and compatibility with 20 mainstream inverter models. This versatility allows users to address diverse energy storage needs, making VREMT’s offering a robust choice for many consumers.

Convenient and Intelligent

VREMT’s commitment to user-centric design is evident in the convenience and intelligence embedded in its energy storage products. Users can easily configure electricity and power settings according to their household needs. The multi-module parallel wiring harness, concealed within an aluminum alloy housing, enhances safety and adds a touch of elegance to the product.

The product’s intelligent features extend to remote control via a dedicated app. This functionality empowers users to manage clean energy consumption, emergency power conservation, energy interoperability, and data uploading from the comfort of their homes. VREMT’s home energy storage products are not just tools but integral components of a green and intelligent home energy ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

As VREMT’s latest household energy storage products make waves in the overseas market, it marks a significant milestone and signals a new beginning. The company remains committed to independent innovation, staying true to its corporate vision of a “cleaner energy and healthier world.”

All this has happened because of VREMT’s products, flaunting characteristics that make our lives much easier.



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