Are artificial grass mats available in different colors?

Unlike natural grass, you can dye your artificial grass mat any color. If you require a grass mat for the stadium, you may need green shades of dye. But you are not bound to use a different color dye; customized mats can be of any color. The factories only add a dye at the start of the process during extrusion to give a color thoroughly to the turf.


The companies offer versatile designs, and you can order any turf with your required features. This is a benefit of artificial grass that you can use it anywhere without any restriction. Nowadays, synthetic grass carpets are often seen in homes, gyms, offices, universities and other commercial areas. Different areas are decorated with a different types of turf, thus smoothing the surface and giving an elegant look to the place.

Dye colors:

Factories use various color pigments for the formation of multiple dyes. As a replacement for natural grass, artificial grass may give a natural look if various shades of green are present in the turf.

Uncommon dyes:

Turfs of other colors like yellow, blue, red, and pink are also available in the market and online stores. You can also customize grass mats of your own choice of color. Such turfs can be used as sports grass or as decorative floors. You can use colorful grass carpets both indoors and outdoors.

How long do dyes last on artificial turf?

Factories use high-quality dyes for coloring their products to ensure durability. Strong non-soluble dyes help maintain the appearance of the artificial grass. However, the initial mixing process is essential for coloring the turf; it is where the color adheres to fibers firmly. The dyes last for 10-20 years and do not fade away due to environmental factors or climate changes.

In contrast, natural grass fades away due to strong sunlight and becomes yellow or brown. It is affected by rain and every other environmental change. While artificial turf provides benefits at its end, its color and quality remain unaffected for a long time.


Colorful carpets attract customers’ attention, and people buy them for their living rooms. Children love attractive colors and can play on artificial grass mats without harmful effects. These dyes are strongly absorbed in the fibers and cannot be a risk to the health of your children.

You can use water soluble paints to mark some points or positions as in sports stadiums. The texture of artificial grass remains unaffected by these temporary paints.



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